Give Mindfulness

No matter the size or context of your classroom or school in need of mindfulness... we can help make your program a sustained reality.  

Mindfulness is a life practice that can be taught to children as young as pre-school age.  Through the fine art of storytelling and experiential learning, Beth guides her students into incremental growth through presencing.

Presencing: The action or process of summoning up the presence of something; the action of making present.

The moments that we notice, on purpose, our experiences... the sensations, images, feelings and thoughts... we gift ourselves and each other with the opportunity of being in the present moment. Now. 

The empowering practices of mindfulness offer us the skills that we need to appreciate the moment, to savor or to shift the experience, to collect useful information that will guide us to make more choices that foster our good.  

Many schools and classrooms would love to have a mindfulness program, but  don't have the resources to make it happen.
Bring a Mindful Schools Program to a School in your Community.

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